New Google Blog


[Oct 6, 2004] If we search 'mastering digital photography', we can found a new icon pointing to webpages of the new service 'Google Print'.

These webpages (e.g. this one) include scanned pages of the real book, links to online shops (like 'Amazon' or 'Barnes & Noble') and sponsored links, whose incomes are for the book's publisher.

If you notice, these webpages have disabled the right-button mouse option and the images are not visible when printing pages. As Google assures publishers, the content of the books is protected.

UPDATE: If we search 'king lear', we can also find the contents of a Book. With this and this link we can perform searches within both books. In order to protect publishers' copyrights, if we access a book so many times, we can find a message like this.

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