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[July 31, 2005] Since yesterday, "Blogger Developers Network" is cracked. This blog is a space where Blogger team publishes projects and code related with the blogging tool. You can see the original appearance of the blog on this screenshot or through Google cache.

The cracker, who changed the title ("Downloading..99%") and the design with another one inspired by 'Matrix' movie (view screenshot 1 and screenshot 2), claims that the attack was possible due to a vulnerability of Blogger, which allows any member who is invited to this blog become into admin.

If three published posted are deleted, you can read them via Bloglines: [1], [2] and [3].

UPDATED (08:46h PST): Blogger staff has been notified about the incident, and started to fix the issue. At this moment, the cracked blog has been removed ('Error 404').

UPDATED (10:19h PST): The issue has been fixed and the blog's got the original appearance. Blogger staff claims that the blog has not been "cracked", but due to a "obscure bug" from a Blog*Spot old feature.

UPDATED (14:17h PST): Official answer from Blogger. "This was not the result of a hack attempt but of a subtle bug that occured because our Developer's Network blog is a special case [it's got two names, '' and '']. This bug could not have affected regular user's blogs hosted on".

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