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[Jan 12, 2006] The Fon movement was born a few months ago together with the initiative to create a Community of users who can share their Internet access via WiFi, so that it would be possible to access to the Internet for free in any point of the globe through other members' connections: today you use mine; tomorrow I'll use yours.

Little by little the concept is gaining popularity in all the world thanks to a really good job of social relations that has made possible that very influential bloggers from all over the world become the representatives of the movement.

Some experts are announcing the collapse of Fon, because of the technological constrains of now a days and the limited acceptability that it could have among the users, who could probably have free Internet access via WiFi without subscribing to any Community. However, the prestigious Om Malik writes in this post about the huge potential that Fon could have if complemented with Internet connection wireless networks like those that Google is installing in California.

Actually, Martin Varsavsky (the Fon movement leader) has met in several occasions some Google directors (and even Larry Page y Sergey Brin, its founders) to chat about the project and to put forward the idea of "creating a global standard to share WiFi". Varsavsky has also met the directors from other companies, such as Yahoo! or Skype, and some venture capital ones. The support from Google to this idea would make sense in order to reach their aim of "organizing the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful", supporting the communication standards and creating a wide wireless network (held by the users) to access to the Internet that gives the option of offering extra services.

Ejovi Nuwere (specialist in computing secutity and member of Fon) describes in his blog his meeting with Sergey Brin (Google co-founder ad co-president), to which Martin Varsavsky, Iurgi Arginzoniz and some other members of Fon did also attend.

Ejovi assures that the atmosphere in Google is much more vibrant than in Yahoo!, with cubicles everywhere and eerily silent. Even though they both are big companies, their culture is totally different. "Google is a really amazing place. I can’t explain why, but for a young technologist, or even an old technologist, when you walk through the halls you have the feeling of “this is where I want to hang out” it is a campus of smart people doing cool things".

In relation to the meeting with Sergey Brin, Ejovi highlights his unassumingness. "If you walked into a room of 10 people and said one of these people is a billionaire and the founder of the worlds most popular search engine, without knowing what he looked like, you wouldn’t be able to pick him out in 3 tries".

UPDATED Feb 3, 2006: Google, Skype funds Fon.

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