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[Feb 13, 2006] Google has been banning for a few years now websites with racist or religious contents in its local versions in France and Germany in order to abide with the law of both countries. The same thing has happened in China, and it has started criticism all around the Globe.

But in other occasions Google has decided not to ban some results related to anti-Semitism, and for instance, in Google Israel you can get as a result the webpages of the anti-Semitic site ''.

Now we are facing a great worldwide debate started by the pictures of the prophet Mohammed that have been published in several European newspapers. It has been the lait-motive of protests in a number of Muslim countries, since their religion doesn't allow people to represent the face of the prophet. Google image search engine is now offering as results this drawings both in its international version and in the local version in some Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia or Indonesia.

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