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[May 05, 2006] Now we can find routes between any two points of several European countries by just specifying the name and postal code of both places with the recently improved 'Google Maps' service.

We have compared this facility with others that did already give information about road routes and we have discovered that, in most cases, 'Google Maps' are the slowest ones. For example, a route between the same addresses in Santader and Malaga (Spain):

:: Maporama, 1036.5 Km. in 9:51h. (105 Km./h.)

:: Via Michelin, 958 Km. in 11:19h. (85 Km./h.)

:: Guía Campsa, 956.6 Km. in 10:05h (95 Km./h.)

:: Google Maps, 949 Km. in 12:54h. (74 Km./h.)

We don't know which parameters are used by 'Google Maps' to determine a route between two places (some services offer the quickest way), but it does recommend us to drive carefuly for sure.

Together with that, Google has planned to launch soon a system to help us on the road through a device which will connect to the map service and will offer us the best routes and information about local businesses.

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