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[25-04-2006] Even though Google counts on a big number of engineers and it cares a lot about the security of its tools, the company, just as all the businesses devoted to the creation of computing applications, can also suffer vulnerabilities([1], [2], [3], [4]), not only originated from the development of the applications, but also from the user's activities.

For instance, some people described yesterday in our forums the case of an email that is being sent to Google users, where they register in a webpage created with 'Google Pages' (now removed), which looked like an official page even though it was a cover to gather confidential data through an external site.

If you discover a similar case and think that, reporting it to Google, other users will be safer, you can do it in this link, which you can also find in an AdWords ads with this search.

However, yesterday we reported this case of 'Phishing' to Google and the answer they gave us was that "Google Page Creator is a Google Labs prototype, and we currently don't have the resources to provide individual assistance for Google Labs products.".

This kind of answers are not very typical from Google security team, which has sorted out in a few hours time some vulnerabilities that we have reported (in relation to the company's products and not to pages created by users).

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